TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector

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TP-Link MC-112 Media Converter

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TP-Link MC-111 Media Converter

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TP-Link MC200CM Gigabit Media Converter with Multi Mode
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Best Deals on Media Converters in Bangladesh

A media converter is a networking device that connects two different media, such as Ethernet copper and Ethernet fiber. This allows devices that are more than 100 meters away from the nearest available switch to be connected without difficulty.

Computer Village offers a big selection of media converters from world-class manufacturers such as TP-Link and many more!

Advantages of Using a Media Converter

  • Improve the lifespan of current copper-based equipment and networks via ensuring networking flexibility

  • Extend the reach of an existing network. It connects a network switch and a file server to a maximum of 2000 meters on multimode and 15000 meters on single mode fiber

  • Single mode fiber is commonly used during backbone connectivity and telecom carrier connections, whilst multimode fiber is typically used in LAN and horizontal cabling

  • Connect data and telecommunications networks via fiber (both single and multi mode)

  • Minimum delay (1-2 microseconds) and cost friendly

Available Media Converter Brands at Computer Village

  • TP-Link MC-112 Media Converter 1 100M SC port, 1 100M RJ45 port (Auto MDI/MDIX)

  • TP-Link MC-111 Media Converter 1 100M SC/UPC port, 1 100M RJ45 port (Auto MDI/MDIX)

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