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Extend your Network with Best Access Point on the market at the best worth in Bangladesh. Access point conjointly referred to as wireless access Point (WAP), vary extender or AP that connects on to a wired native space network principally local area network that enables a Wi-Fi device to attach to a wired network. generally cases it connects to a router either as single device or associate degree integral element of the router known as access purpose router. It primarily unfold the network for the property of multiple wireless devices. Difference Between Access Point and Router: The perform of a router sends packets to destinations however on the opposite hand associate access purpose solely permits wireless shoppers to attach through antennas. Route in current generation are often multifunctional that features routing, switching, DHCP servers, DNS server and access purposes however a standalone access point solely have single perform of extension of network. In short, a router will have the practicality of access purpose get associate access purpose unable to try to to therefore. Buy Range Extender From the leading ICT Retail Shop Computer village. We provide the best product and ensure the best service at your doorstep.