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Power Guard 650VA PS UPS Offline (Metal Body)

Buy Power guard Online UPS at best Price in Bangladesh from Village BD

Whether you are working from home or office, an unexpected electrical power failure can always be harmful. With a power interruption, you have a risk of losing valuable data or damage to hardware since your electronic devices shut down suddenly. To keep you stay safe from these unexpected harms, we have brought high-quality Online UPSs at competitive prices in Bangladesh. 

Power Guard Online UPSs offer online technology with high frequency, dual conversion,  wide input voltage range, advanced battery management, lightning and surge protection, and more high-tech features! You will get an excellent power supply and backup with zero time delay. 

You will find high-quality Power Guard Online UPS at different price ranges and capacities with warranties at our shop. If you need just to run one computer or multiple computers at your office, we have got various options for all scenarios. Our Power Guard UPS will keep your computer or workstation running smoothly.

Available Power Guard Online UPS in Our Stores:

Power Guard 1KVA Online UPS, Power Guard 3KVA Online UPS 

Check the details of these Power Guard Online UPS models and choose one that suits your needs. Order online or visit your nearest Computer Village store. We are one of the oldest ICT firms in Bangladesh. We always value our customer satisfaction by every means. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.