Access Control Accessories Price In Bangladesh

Access control accessories allow only certain people to view or access an authorized computing area. They help to reduce crime and theft and make it easier to track. Access control accessories are used in many fields, including campuses, offices, homes, and IT resources. That is done by Multifactor Authentication.

Access control accessories deny unwanted people by an alarm or lockdown system.

Computer Village offers a wide variety of access control products.

Advantages of Using Access Control Accessories

  • Access control accessories are easier for management: it is easier to keep the area secure and minimize theft and risk.

  • No need for traditional keys: keys can be a hassle, and losing them can mean exposure to danger. But access control accessories use cards, and if they are lost, the cards can just be disabled to prevent any sort of risk.

  • Easier to keep track of: they make it easier to keep track of who comes and goes so that in case of theft or other crime, it is easy to find the culprit.

  • Better security: access control accessories need cards and credentials to access entry, and that is why it gives better protection than keys could ever give. 

Access Control Accessories Brands Offered At Computer Village

  • Dahua PFS4226-24ET-240 24-Port PoE Switch

  • Dahua PFS4218-16ET-190 16-Port PoE Switch

  • Dahua Technology DH-PFS3110-8P-96 8 ports PoE switch

  • Dahua PFS3010-8ET-96 10-Port Unmanaged Desktop Switch with 8-Port PoE

  • Dahua PFS3005-4P-58 04-Port PoE Switch

  • Dahua PFM-920I-5EUN Dahua UTP Cable , Cat-05E ( CCA)

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