Xtreme RIO Multimedia 2:1 Speaker

৳3,300 On Sale
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Xtreme BOLT Multimedia 2:1 Speaker

৳3,400 On Sale
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Xtreme DUO Multimedia Speaker 2:1

৳5,400 On Sale
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Buy xtreme speaker at best Price in Bangladesh from Village BD

Are you looking for an excellent speaker to update your sound system within a midrange budget? Check out our latest Xtreme speakers at Computer Village to get the best value for your money. 

Xtreme speakers are well-reputed in Bangladesh for delivering premium-grade audio output at affordable prices. Xtreme speakers won’t disappoint you when using them for listening to music, watching videos, or gaming. You can experience perfectly balanced and crisp sound with our Xtreme speakers. They are ideal for medium to large rooms. 

You will surely enjoy the reliability, durability, and impressive performances of the speakers we selected in our shop. You would appreciate their remote control feature while you are using them as bookshelf speakers. Most of our Xtreme speakers offer both wired and wireless connectivity. 

Xtreme Models in Our Stores Currently:

  • Xtreme BOLT 2.1

  • Xtreme E856BU 2.1

  • Xtreme E831BU 2.1

  • Xtreme E283BU 2.1

  • Xtreme E256BU 2.1

  • Xtreme DUO 2.1

Grab the best Xtreme speaker deals at Computer Village. Here, you are guaranteed to get original devices with a year of warranty for every model. 

We offer generous customer support to improve your experience further. If you want to know more about any specific model or can’t decide between two models, please call us. We will be happy to help you make the best choice!