Orico Wireless Mouse WDM-VC2

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Asus ROG Pugio II RGB Gaming Mouse

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Asus ROG Keris Wireless Gaming Mouse

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A4TECH FG20 Fstyler 2.4G Wireless Mouse

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Mouse Price in Bangladesh

A mouse is used for the pointer to move around the 2-D monitor to perform tasks and instructions on a graphical user interface (GUI). Your hand's movement indicates the position and direction the pointer will be heading towards. You can use the pointer to click, stop, open, drag files, and much more.

You can double-click, single-click, right-click, left-click, etc., to cause different instructions and for more options. 

There are many different kinds of mice:

  • Wired mouse

  • Wireless mouse

  • USB mouse

  • Bluetooth mouse

  • Optical mouse

  • Trackball mouse

  • Magic mouse

  • Laser mouse

  • Gaming mouse

  • Vertical mouse

The type of mice you should buy depends on your work and needs as they offer different functions and advantages. A gamer would go for a gaming mouse because it provides higher accuracy than a regular mouse, offers less latency, and comes in ergonomic designs for preventing wrist and arm pain and bad posture. While a wireless mouse might be used for unrestricted movement and bigger range.  

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Mouse Offered at Computer Village

  • A4TECH Animation Bloody J90S 2-Fire RGB Gaming Mouse

  • Micropack MP-716W Speedy Lite Wireless Mouse

  • Asus UT280 Wired Optical USB Mouse

  • MSI CLUTCH GM11 RGB 6-Button Gaming Mouse

  • Havit HV-MS64GT WirelessMouse

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