Xiaomi Mi XMCXB01QM 3 Socket 3 USB Power Strip White
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Buy Xiaomi Power strip at best Price in Bangladesh from Village BD

The Xiaomi Power Strip price in Bangladesh is currently available at a price point of BDT 1,800 taka (variable). The Xiaomi Power Strip is a product that is designed to provide power to multiple devices. It has three power outlets and two USB ports that can be used for charging other devices. 

Why choose the Xiaomi Power Strip 

  • The Xiaomi Power Strip is a smart power strip that comes with an intelligent chip to automatically switch off the power to the connected devices when they are not in use.

  • It can help save you up to 20% of your energy bill, and it has 10 times more safety features than traditional power strips.

  • The Xiaomi Power Strip also has a built-in wifi hotspot which allows you to connect up to 5 devices at once.

Why do I need the Xiaomi Power Strip?

It has a built-in intelligent USB charger that can charge your devices at the fastest possible speed. This device provides you with the convenience of controlling your devices from anywhere in the world.  You can also set up rules for when to switch on or off, what devices to charge and which ones not to, and more.

Best Place to find  the Xiaomi Power Strip 

To find the Xiaomi Power Strip in Computer village BD, you need to go to the Electronics section. Computer Village BD is a popular shopping and entertainment destination for those who love technology.