Dell XPS 13 9310 Core i7 11th Gen 16GB RAM 13.4" UHD+ Touch Laptop
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Dell XPS 13 9310 Core i5 11th Gen 8GB Ram 13.4" FHD Laptop
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Get the latest Dell Series Laptops at the best price in Bangladesh

Dell is a US based multinational Company founded in 1984 in Round Rock, Texas and Michael Dell is the founder of Dell technologies.

Dell is one of the biggest laptop and computer producers in the world. The popularity of Dell is huge and its popularity is increasing day by day in Bangladesh as well. Their robust product build quality and performance quality is the reason behind their increasing popularity and those make them remain on top of the best laptop list.

Dell always introduces new laptops and computers with existing trends and new concepts so that people get exactly what they want.

Get Dell Series Laptops from Computer Village

Dell Series laptops are high budget and premium class laptops. At Computer Village, you will find the best collection of Dell Series laptops. Dell Series Laptops come with the latest processors, higher RAM, dedicated graphics cards and robust hardwares that will provide you the best computing experience.

Available Dell Series laptop variants

  • Dell G5 15

  • Dell G7 15

  • Dell XPS 13

  • Dell XPS 15

Available processor variants

  • Intel processor: Core i5 9th Gen, Core i5 11th Gen, Core i7 10th Gen, Core i7 11th Gen.

Available Display variants

  • 15.6 Inch FHD

  • 15.6 inch 3.5K OLED Touch

  • 13.4 inch FHD

  • 13.4 inch UHD+ Touch

Dedicated graphics cards

  • GTX 1650 4GB

  • RTX 2070 8GB

  • RTX 2060 6GB

Computer Village offers you the best pricings for the Dell Series laptops. Visit our Computer Village showroom and pick your favorite Dell Series laptop. You can also purchase Dell Series laptops from our ecommerce platform. Browse our Computer Village website and purchase the Dell Series laptop at the cheapest price.

For whom Dell Series laptop is the best

Dell Series laptops are also premium class and high budget laptops. These laptops come with good quality displays, latest processors, dedicated graphics cards and so on. Dell Series laptop is best for gaming, high end graphical work and content creation.

List of some Dell Series laptops and laptop price in bd 2022

Dell Series laptop Model

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Dell's other laptop serieses

Dell Inspiron, Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude