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Netis W1 300Mbps Wireless N Router A router is a medium of transferring data traffic. It is a type of networking and communication device which communicates between the internet network and the devices. It is a type of a middle man which allows you to browse the internet on your devices, transfer internet to computer or mobile phone, transfer data between two devices, transfer data from one router to another router and do many more things. You might be thinking that the price may be higher because of the great work it does. But, no, this is not the case, router price in Bangladesh is very reasonable and you will get the best price at Computer Village.

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Pick the type of router you need

There are basically two types of routers available in Bangladesh. One type is a wired router and another type is a wireless router. So, pick whichever suits you more.

Determine the feature you need

There are a variety of routers available. Such as range extender router, dual-band wifi router, cloud, and many more. Router's range is also important. Determine how much range you need.

Pick the best router brand

There are numerous world-class router brands available in Bangladesh. We stored routers from various brands so that you can pick your required one. You can choose your favorite router from various brands like D-Link, Mercusys, Xiaomi, Tenda, Cisco, Wavlink, Belkin, Linksys, Prolink, Asus, Netgear, Mikrotik, Totolink, TP-Link, Netis, and Huawei. There are various router versions, models, sizes, colors, and price ranges routers are available at Computer Village. Want to know the latest offers and latest price of routers? Visit village-bd and get your favourite router from our collection.

Prices of some of the routers in Bangladesh

Router Name & Model  Price In BD
 Netis W1 300Mbps Wireless N Router ৳1,100

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