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Deepcool Z5 CPU Cooling Thermal Paste

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DeepCool Z5 Thermal Paste
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DeepCool Z5 Thermal Paste

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Latest Prices of Thermal Pastes in Bangladesh

Thermal Paste is a type of silvery-gray material that is applied to a CPU prior to the installation of a cooling solution. 

At Computer Village, we keep the most latest brands of thermal paste and other accessories in stock. Inform us about what products you require, and we'll source them for you at the finest prices in Bangladesh.

Why need a Thermal Paste

  • Provides an airtight seal on the tiny grooves between the processor and the heat sink

  • Increases heat transfer rate

  • Prevents overheating of the CPU

  • Facilitates in avoiding CPU throttling related to decreased performance

Thermal Pastes Available at Computer Village

  • DEEPCOOL G15 Thermal Compound Paste

  • DeepCool Z5 Thermal Paste and many more to choose and buy from

Find Authentic Thermal Pastes on Offers in Bangladesh

Computer Village now offers home delivery throughout Bangladesh, making it easier to acquire your desired products right away.

Visit our website or one of our Dhaka or Chittagong stores to examine efficient thermal pastes from world-class brands. Simply call the numbers on our website for assistance in making your pick, and we will be happy to give you guaranteed authentic products at fantastic discounts!