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Buy D-Link patch cord at the best price in Bangladesh

D-Link is the world's largest networking products manufacturer. D-Link was founded in Taiwan in 1986.  At first D-Link was known as Datex Systems Inc., but in 1994 it was renamed as D-Link Corporation. D-Link provides advanced networking products at a cheap price. D-Link became the market leader around the world In 2008 due to its product quality and increasing popularity.

D-Link patch cord at Computer Village

At Computer Village, you will get various types of D-link patch cords. D-link patch cord includes

  • 1 meter patch cord: D-Link NCB-C6UYELR1-1, D-LINK NCB-C6UGRNR1-1, D-Link CAT-6 P NCB-C6UGRYR1-1, D-Link Ncb-C6ublur1-1

  • 3 meter patch cord: Dlink NCB-C6UGRYR1-3, D-LINK NCB-C6UGRNR1-3

We provide all types of D-Link patch cords at a very cheap price. Visit our website or visit your nearest computer village outlet and pick your required patch cord at the best price in Bangladesh.

List of D-Link patch cord and patch cord price in bd 2023

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D-link other products

D-Link does not just produce patch cord, they also produce other demandable products like routers, network switches, range extenders, surveillance network cameras, faceplate, broadband devices, firewalls, switches, network accessories and many more.