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Gigabyte is widely known for desktop computer component products, especially motherboards and graphics cards. Gigabyte was founded in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan in 1986, and the company was founded by Pie-Chen Yeh. Gigabyte is now manufacturing Gaming PCs apart from computer components.

Gigabyte produces top-quality Gaming PCs for gaming lovers and high-end graphics designers. Gigabyte has now become a popular Gaming PC brand in Bangladesh.

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Gigabyte produces rugged Gaming PCs and these are for those who love gaming  and creating content. We have brought these powerful Gaming PCs for you if you love gaming and creating content. These Gaming PCs come with the latest processors and graphics cards which will provide smooth performance.

Available Gigabyte Gaming PC variants

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Dedicated graphics cards

Computer Village has a large inventory of gigabyte gaming PCs. From us, you will get the gigabyte gaming pc at a competitive price in Bangladesh. If you want to purchase the latest gaming pcs then come to our outlet or directly purchase from online.

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Gigabyte's other product ranges

Gigabyte also produces RAMs, SSDs, graphics cards, monitors, and other necessary computer components.