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MSI CPU Cooler price in BD 2024

Check MSI CPU Cooler prices in Bangladesh below. Starting from BDT 12,000৳ up to BDT 14,900৳, varieties of 4 products where 3 products are available. This price list was updated on 19-05-2024 by Computer Village, the Best MSI CPU Cooler shop in BD.

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MSI CPU Cooler

Brand: MSI
    • Intel LGA1700 And AMD AM4/AM5 Sockets Supported
    • Enlarged Copper Base Surface Area 
    • Rotatable Water Block Cap For 270 Degrees.
    • Enhanced Fan Performance
Brand: MSI
    • Intel LGA1700 And AMD AM4/AM5 Sockets Supported
    • Rotatable Water Block Cap For 270 Degrees.
    • Enhanced Fan Performance
    • Durable Three-Phase Motor
Brand: MSI
    • Intel LGA1700 And AMD AM4/AM5 Sockets Supported
    • Rotatable Water Block Cap For 270 Degrees.
    • Enhanced Fan Performance
    • Durable Three-Phase Motor
Brand: MSI
    • Constructed With Three Layers Of Netted Plastic Tubing And A Reinforced Mesh Exterior.
    • Number Of Fans 2
    • Fan Lighting ARGB

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Best MSI CPU Cooler

Experience unparalleled cooling performance with the MSI CPU Cooler. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, it ensures optimal thermal management for your system, keeping temperatures in check during intense computing sessions. The MSI cooler boasts a sleek design and whisper-quiet operation, blending seamlessly into any PC setup. Compatible with a wide range of CPU sockets, installation is a breeze, making it an ideal choice for both novice builders and seasoned enthusiasts. Elevate your gaming experience and unlock the full potential of your CPU with the MSI CPU Cooler.

Processor Type

The MSI CPU Cooler offers exceptional cooling performance for a variety of processor types, catering to both Intel and Ryzen platforms.For Intel users, whether you're utilizing older generation CPUs or the latest Intel processors, the MSI CPU Cooler provides efficient thermal management to keep your system running smoothly.Likewise, for AMD Ryzen enthusiasts, the MSI CPU Cooler is a reliable choice, delivering excellent cooling efficiency to ensure optimal performance, even under heavy workloads.With its broad compatibility across Intel and Ryzen processor types, the MSI CPU Cooler is the perfect solution for PC builders and gamers seeking reliable and effective cooling for their systems.

MSI CPU Cooler Types

Air Cooler:

Air coolers are traditional CPU cooling solutions that rely on heatsinks and fans to dissipate heat generated by the processor. MSI air coolers feature a heatsink with a series of metal fins and one or more fans that blow air across the fins to remove heat. These coolers are known for their reliability, affordability, and ease of installation. They are suitable for most gaming rigs and everyday computing tasks.

Liquid Cooler:

Liquid coolers, also known as AIO (All-in-One) liquid coolers, utilize a closed-loop system containing coolant or liquid to transfer heat away from the CPU. MSI liquid coolers feature a pump, radiator, tubing, and a CPU block with a water block and integrated pump. The liquid absorbs heat from the CPU and carries it to the radiator, where it is dissipated by fans. Liquid coolers offer superior thermal performance and are ideal for overclocking and high-performance gaming setups.

Hybrid Liquid Cooler:

Hybrid liquid coolers combine the benefits of both air and liquid cooling technologies. MSI hybrid liquid coolers feature a combination of a liquid cooling loop and an additional air cooler component, such as a heatsink or fan. This hybrid design offers efficient heat dissipation while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of air cooling. Hybrid liquid coolers provide excellent cooling performance and versatility, making them suitable for enthusiasts who demand high performance and reliability.


When it comes to selecting a CPU cooler for your MSI motherboard, it's crucial to ensure compatibility between the cooler and the socket type of your motherboard. MSI motherboards support a variety of socket types, each with its own unique specifications and requirements. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you understand which CPU cooler socket types are compatible with MSI motherboards:

Intel Socket Compatibility:

CPU coolers designed for LGA775, LGA1366, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1200, LGA2011, LGA2066, and LGA1700 sockets are compatible with MSI motherboards that support these socket types.

AMD Socket Compatibility:

CPU coolers compatible with FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, and AM4 sockets are suitable for use with MSI motherboards that feature these socket types.

Fan Speed 

Up to 1000 RPM:

CPU coolers in this category offer a fan speed of up to 1000 rotations per minute (RPM). These coolers provide quiet operation and are suitable for users who prioritize low noise levels while still achieving adequate cooling performance. They are ideal for casual users and everyday computing tasks where moderate cooling is sufficient.

1001 RPM to 2000 RPM:

CPU coolers falling within this range feature fan speeds ranging from 1001 to 2000 RPM. These coolers offer a balance between performance and noise level, providing efficient cooling for gaming, content creation, and other demanding tasks. They offer increased airflow compared to lower RPM coolers, making them suitable for overclocking and heavy workloads.

2001 RPM & Above:

MSI CPU coolers with fan speeds of 2001 RPM and above deliver high-performance cooling solutions for enthusiasts and power users. With increased RPM, these coolers generate significant airflow to effectively dissipate heat from the CPU, ensuring stable performance even under extreme conditions. They are ideal for overclocking, intense gaming sessions, and high-performance computing tasks.

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Q: Are MSI CPU coolers compatible with other motherboard brands?

A: While MSI CPU coolers are optimized for MSI motherboards, they are also compatible with most other motherboard brands that use standard CPU socket types.

Q: Can I overclock my CPU with an MSI air cooler?

A: Yes, MSI air coolers are designed to handle moderate overclocking, but for more aggressive overclocking, you may want to consider a liquid cooler for better thermal performance.

Q: How long do MSI CPU coolers last?

A: With proper maintenance and care, MSI CPU coolers can last for several years without any significant degradation in performance.

Q: Do MSI CPU coolers come with a warranty?

A: Yes, MSI CPU coolers typically come with a warranty period ranging from one to three years, depending on the model and region.

Q: Can I install RGB fans on an MSI CPU cooler?

A: Some MSI CPU coolers come with integrated RGB lighting, while others may have compatible mounting options for third-party RGB fans. Be sure to check the product specifications for compatibility details.