Tenda A301 300Mbps Whole Home WiFi Repeater
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Tenda A18 Wireless AC1200 Mbps Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Repeater
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Tenda is now one of the dominant networking device producers and suppliers around the globe. Tenda Technology was launched in 1999 in China.

Tenda is the first home-grown network device and router manufacturer in China. The main goal of Tenda is to provide affordable and easy-to-install networking products that are built with the latest and advanced technology. In 2012, they associated with Broadcom and brought the most advanced chip to provide contemporary networking solutions to people.

Tenda Range Extender at Computer Village

Tenda is popular for delivering the best quality networking devices at an affordable price. Tenda comes with various types of range extenders such as WiFi Repeater, Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Repeater, and Universal Range Extender. At Computer Village, we have three range extender model available, those are Tenda A301 300Mbps Whole Home WiFi Repeater, Tenda A18 Wireless AC1200 Mbps Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Repeater, and Tenda A9 Wireless N300 2 Antenna Universal Range Extender.

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Tenda product range

Tenda combined their products with the latest technology and that's why they are successful in the market. Tenda is not limited to only range extender manufacturing, their product range includes tenda router, broadband CPE, switches, powerlines, mobile broadband, gateways, IP cameras etc. Their products are suitable for both home and offices.