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Latest Offers on Patch Cords in Bangladesh

Patch cords, also known to be patch cables, are either electrical or optical cables typically made of copper that serve as a connector to other devices. In simpler words, they connect one electronic device to the other for signal routing. 

At Computer Village, we have a huge range of patch cord variety to choose from to make your lives easier.

Why Use a Patch Cord

  • Organized look: With hundreds of cables lying around, making an utter mess, a patch cord will help you to stack up the cords in one place and connect all your devices

  • Easier Workflow: Connecting the cluttered patch cords can help you reach specific cables at required times

  • Prevents Mishaps: Accidents like cable damage or sparks in the workspace can be avoided via use of high quality patch cords

  • Easy to Install: With a simple plug in, you can connect your devices and work as you go!

Models of Patch Cords Available at Computer Village

  • D-Link CAT-6 P NCB-C6UGRYR1-1 1-Meter Patch Cord


  • D-Link NCB-C6UYELR1-1 1 m Patch Cable

  • D-Link Ncb-C6ublur1-1 Network Patch cords

  • Dlink NCB-C6UGRYR1-3 Cat 6 UTP 3M Patch Cord

  • D-LINK PATCH CORD NCB-C6UGRNR1-3 and many more!

Find Patch Cord to Buy in Bangladesh 

If you are thinking about purchasing a patch cord, please contact us at the numbers mentioned on our website to remain up to speed on the latest goods and to take advantage of large savings.We are only a phone call away if you need assistance with models or brands!

Alternatively, you may purchase directly from our website or our physical stores in Dhaka and Chittagong for physical inspection before purchase.