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Xtreme Casing Cooler price in BD 2024

Check Xtreme Casing Cooler prices in Bangladesh below. Starting from BDT 1,350৳ up to BDT 1,800৳, varieties of 2 products where 2 products are available and 2 of them are with the best discount price. This price list was updated on 18-04-2024 by Computer Village, the Best Xtreme Casing Cooler shop in BD.

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Xtreme Casing Cooler

Brand: Xtreme
    • Fan Speed: 1100RPM±10%
    • Noise (dBA): 12dB(A)
    • Size: 3x119mm
    • Connector: 5 Pin
Brand: Xtreme
    • 3 Pcs ARGB Fan
    • 12CM ARGB Fan Kit
    • Lighting Effect: ARGB
    • 10 Ports Control Board
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 Xtreme Casing Coolers Await at Computer Village in Bangladesh

Is your PC running warm under the summer sun or intense workloads? Don't let overheating slow you down! Xtreme casing coolers available at Computer Village in Bangladesh are here to tame the thermal beast and unleash your PC's true potential. Whether you're a casual user, hardcore gamer, or content creator, Xtreme has the perfect cooler to keep your components chilled and your rig running smoothly.

Xtreme Cooling Powerhouse with a Budget-Friendly Edge

Xtreme doesn't skimp on performance, even at friendly prices. Their casing coolers boast efficient airflow systems, innovative heat dissipation technology, and durable construction, ensuring your components stay cool and running smoothly even during demanding tasks. Plus, their sleek and modern designs with RGB lighting options (on select models) let you customize your rig and create a dazzling setup.

From Whisper-Quiet Breezes to RGB-Powered Tornadoes

Xtreme caters to everyone's needs and budgets. Whether you're looking for a basic air cooler like the Xtreme X1 or a liquid cooling powerhouse like the Xtreme Draco Max RGB, Xtreme has the perfect cooler to match your requirements and style.

Why Choose Computer Village for Your Xtreme Casing Cooler?

Computer Village is your one-stop shop for Xtreme casing coolers in Bangladesh. With a massive selection of Xtreme models and expert guidance from their knowledgeable staff, finding the perfect cooler is a breeze. Explore their vibrant showroom or browse their extensive online catalogue. They'll help you find the ideal Xtreme cooler to fit your budget, cooling needs, and aesthetic preferences.

Xtreme Casing Cooler Key Features

  • Superior cooling performance: Keep your CPU and GPU running cool and stable, even during intense workloads.
  • Efficient heat dissipation: Advanced heat pipes and fans draw heat away from your components quickly and effectively.
  • Durable construction: Built to last with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.
  • Easy installation: Simple mounting mechanisms make installation a breeze, even for beginners.
  • RGB lighting (on select models): Create a vibrant and customized atmosphere with stunning LED lights.
  • Software control (on select models): Fine-tune your cooling performance and customize RGB lighting with user-friendly software.
  • Affordable prices: Get the cooling power you need without breaking the bank.

A Comparison Table Between Two Popular Xtreme Casing Cooler

Connector3pin ARGB header10 Ports Control Board
WarrantyNo WarrantyNo Warranty

The Ultimate Cooling Solution for Your PC

Invest in the Xtreme Casing Cooler from Computer Village and enjoy reliable cooling performance for your office, industry, or home PC setup. Say goodbye to overheating issues and hello to seamless computing.

Upgrade your PC's cooling system with the Xtreme Casing Cooler available at Computer Village. With its efficient cooling capabilities and budget-friendly prices, staying cool has never been easier. Shop now and experience the difference!

Latest Xtreme Casing Cooler Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Product NamePrice
Xtreme XJOGOS CF31R 3 In 1 ARGB Remote Controller Casing Fan1,800৳
Xtreme XJOGOS CF30R 3 RGB Casing Fan1,350৳