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Intel NUC 10 Performance Kit 10th Gen Intel Core i5 10210U
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Intel NUC 10 Performance Kit 10th Core i3 10110U
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Intel Compute Card CD1P64GK Intel Pentium Quad Core N4200
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Intel Compute Card Intel Celeron Quad Core N3450 Card Computer
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Buy Intel portable Mini pc at best Price in Bangladesh from Village BD

Intel is one of the best processor producers in the world. The microprocessor was first invented by Intel in 1971. Over the years Intel has done more research and made more powerful processors. Core i3, i5, i7, i9, Xeon are the best and most powerful processors series of intel.

People always prefer Intel processors over others. Intel processors are best for doing any kind of multitasking without any hassle and you can do your job effortlessly within a short span of time.

Get Intel portable mini PC from Computer Village

Intel is one of the best companies for powerful processors. Along with the processors, they also produce top quality Portable Mini PCs. If you want to get the top quality Portable Mini Computer, you can purchase Intel brand PCs. Intel provides all kinds of PCs like entry-level mini PCs, high-end mini PCs and we can provide you with the most varieties of them. 

Available Intel mini PC series

  • Intel Compute Card

  • Intel NUC

Available processor variants

  • Intel Pentium quad-core

  • Intel Celeron quad-core

  • Intel core i3

  • Intel core i5

Computer Village is one of the biggest retailers of computer, laptop, and computer components in Bangladesh. If you want to buy your desired Intel Mini PC from a trusted shop in Bangladesh, you should visit our Computer Village showroom or buy from our website. Computer Village offers all kinds of Intel Portable mini pc at an affordable price.  

Best selling Intel Portable Mini PC prices in BD 2022

Intel Portable Mini computer model and configuration

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