Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Gaming Console with 1x Wireless Controller
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Grab the Best Online Deals for Xbox in Bangladesh

Xbox, first introduced in the US in 2001, is a popular video gaming brand by Microsoft. Starting with Xbox 360 to the latest Xbox X and S series, they have never failed to impress their customers worldwide.

Among the Xbox video game consoles available in the market, Xbox One is loved by most people in Bangladesh. You can get the Xbox One on our website at the best price in the market, so make sure to drop by to check the offers!

Why is the Xbox a better choice?

  • Backwards compatibility: This is the best feature that Xbox has to offer. With this, you can play both the latest games as well as the games from older versions.

  • 4k Resolution: Provides a true 4k gaming performance. Be ready for a better and more vibrant experience!

  • Xbox Live: You can subscribe to the Xbox live service and gain access to exclusive games from the Gold Rewards program.

Where to Get the Best Price for Xbox in Bangladesh?

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