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Asus Power Supply price in BD 2024

Check Asus Power Supply prices in Bangladesh below. Starting from BDT 19,500৳ up to BDT 31,400৳, varieties of 5 products where 3 products are available. This price list was updated on 23-05-2024 by Computer Village, the Best Asus Power Supply shop in BD.

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Asus Power Supply

Brand: Asus
Brand: Asus
    • Efficiency (Approx.): 80Plus Platinum
    • Lighting Effect: Aura Sync.
    • Modular Type: Fully modular.
    • Total Power: 850W.
Brand: Asus
    • Certification: 80 Plus Gold Certification.
    • Modular Type: Fully modular.
    • Total Power: 1000W.
    • Peak Power: 25A 25A 83A 0.3A 3A.
Brand: Asus

Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock

Brand: Asus
    • Certification: 80 Plus Gold Certification.
    • Fan size: 135mm.
    • Modular Type: Fully modular.
    • Total Power: 750W.

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Out Of Stock

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Best Asus Power Supply 

Asus is one of the most popular computer hardware brands today, and in order to keep up with the latest technology trends, you’ll need to buy Asus power supply units (PSUs) regularly. If you live in Bangladesh, the smartest thing you can do is buy your supplies from us here at Sourcing Station. We offer the best prices and payment options on any Asus PSU, which means you get all the quality of an Asus unit without having to pay top dollar!

Asus Power Supply units are renowned for their reliability and efficiency, catering to the demanding needs of modern computing systems. Designed with cutting-edge technology, Asus PSUs provide stable and consistent power delivery to ensure optimal performance for your PC components. With various wattage options available, from standard desktop setups to high-end gaming rigs, Asus PSUs offer versatility and scalability. Equipped with advanced safety features, such as over-voltage and short-circuit protection, they prioritize the safety of your hardware. Whether you're a casual user or a hardcore gamer, Asus Power Supply units guarantee a seamless and uninterrupted computing experience.


When it comes to building a high-performance PC, selecting the appropriate power supply wattage is crucial to ensure stable and reliable operation. Asus offers a range of power supply units tailored to different wattage requirements, catering to the needs of various computer builds.

500 to 799 Watts

For mid-range computer systems encompassing gaming rigs, multimedia workstations, and content creation setups, Asus provides power supply units with wattage ranging from 500 to 799 watts. These PSUs offer ample power to support the demands of modern components, including high-end graphics cards, multi-core processors, and multiple storage drives. With efficient power delivery and robust construction, Asus PSUs in this wattage range ensure smooth performance without compromising on reliability.

800 to 999 Watts

For enthusiasts and professionals seeking maximum performance and scalability, Asus offers power supply units with wattage ranging from 800 to 999 watts. These PSUs are designed to meet the power requirements of high-end gaming rigs, overclocked systems, and workstation setups with multiple GPUs and storage configurations. With advanced features such as modular cable design, high-quality components, and active cooling systems, Asus PSUs in this category deliver the power and stability needed for demanding computing tasks.

1000 Watts & Above

For extreme computing scenarios where power demands are exceptionally high, Asus provides power supply units with wattage of 1000 watts and above. These PSUs are ideal for enthusiasts pushing the limits of performance with dual-GPU configurations, extreme overclocking, and intensive computational workloads. With robust construction, advanced power delivery technologies, and comprehensive safety features, Asus PSUs in this wattage range offer unparalleled reliability and performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation even under the most demanding conditions.


Full Modular

For users who prioritize maximum flexibility and cable management, Asus provides full modular power supply units. With a full modular design, all cables can be detached from the PSU, allowing for complete customization and elimination of unnecessary clutter. This enables cleaner and more organized builds, reduces airflow restrictions, and facilitates easier maintenance and upgrades. Whether you're building a sleek gaming rig or a professional workstation, Asus full modular PSUs offer unparalleled versatility and aesthetics.

Semi Modular

For users seeking a balance between flexibility and affordability, Asus offers semi modular power supply units. With a semi modular design, essential cables such as the motherboard and CPU power connectors are permanently attached to the PSU, while peripheral cables such as SATA and PCIe connectors can be added or removed as needed. This provides greater flexibility than non-modular PSUs while maintaining a more cost-effective solution. Asus semi modular PSUs are ideal for mid-range builds where cable management is a priority but complete modularity may not be necessary.

Non Modular

For budget-conscious users or those with simpler build requirements, Asus provides non modular power supply units. Non modular PSUs feature all cables permanently attached to the unit, which may result in a less tidy build compared to modular alternatives. However, non modular PSUs offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance or reliability. Asus non modular PSUs are suitable for basic computer setups where cable management is less of a concern, such as office workstations or entry-level gaming rigs.


80+ Titanium

Asus 80+ Titanium PSUs represent the pinnacle of efficiency, delivering unparalleled performance and energy savings. With efficiency levels of up to 94%, 80+ Titanium PSUs waste minimal energy as heat, resulting in lower operating temperatures and reduced electricity bills. These PSUs are ideal for high-performance systems where maximizing efficiency is paramount, such as gaming rigs, professional workstations, and server environments.

80+ Platinum

Asus 80+ Platinum PSUs offer exceptional efficiency levels of up to 92%, providing significant energy savings compared to lower-rated PSUs. With advanced power delivery technologies and high-quality components, 80+ Platinum PSUs deliver reliable performance and stability while minimizing wasted energy. These PSUs are suitable for a wide range of applications, from gaming and multimedia setups to content creation and productivity workstations.

80+ Gold

Asus 80+ Gold PSUs strike a balance between performance, efficiency, and affordability, making them a popular choice among PC enthusiasts and professionals. With efficiency levels of up to 90%, 80+ Gold PSUs offer substantial energy savings without breaking the bank. These PSUs deliver reliable power delivery and stability, making them suitable for gaming, multimedia, and workstation builds where efficiency is a priority.

80+ Bronze

Asus 80+ Bronze PSUs provide a cost-effective solution for users seeking reliable performance and moderate energy savings. With efficiency levels of up to 85%, 80+ Bronze PSUs offer respectable energy efficiency while remaining affordable. These PSUs are suitable for budget-conscious builds where maximizing value is important, such as entry-level gaming rigs, office workstations, and basic multimedia setups.

80+ White

Asus 80+ White PSUs offer entry-level efficiency ratings of up to 80%, providing basic energy savings compared to non-certified PSUs. While not as efficient as higher-rated models, 80+ White PSUs still offer reliable performance and stability for everyday computing tasks. These PSUs are suitable for budget builds or applications where energy efficiency is less of a concern.


Asus 80+ PSUs are non-certified units that meet basic efficiency requirements without undergoing formal certification testing. While not as efficient as certified models, 80+ PSUs still offer reliable performance and stability for standard computer setups. These PSUs are suitable for general-purpose computing tasks where energy efficiency is not a top priority.

Features of the  Asus power supply

  • Asus power supply has a good reputation for reliability, 
  • performance and efficiency. 
  • It is a popular choice for gamers and professionals alike.
  • The ASUS ATX12V power supply is designed to meet the needs of high-end PC systems with its high-efficiency, 
  • low noise, and fully modular design. The ATX12V PSU comes with an 80 PLUS Gold certification that guarantees up to 92% efficiency under typical loads.

Is this a good choice?

This depends on how much money you have. It might be cheaper to buy one that’s used rather than new—it depends on where you’re purchasing your equipment from. Since computer parts are constantly changing and becoming more advanced, some of them can often times become obsolete very quickly if they’re too old.

Best Asus Power Supply Shop In Bangladesh From Computer Village

We are talking about trusted places then there is none other than Computer Village Bangladesh. At Computer Village BD all products have been kept safely and securely with daily transactions carried out by hundreds of customers every day.

Computer Village is Bangladesh's largest retail store for Desktop Ram, SSD And  Processor. When you visit any of our branches, you can receive amazing discounts on the Asus Power Supply of your choosing. Additionally, our entire selection of products and services is available via the Computer Village online store.  

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Q.Are Asus Power Supply units compatible with all types of computer builds?

A.Yes, Asus offers a wide range of power supply units with varying wattage options to suit different types of computer builds, from basic desktop setups to high-end gaming rigs.

Q.Do Asus Power Supply units come with a warranty?

A.Yes, Asus Power Supply units typically come with a warranty ranging from 3 to 5 years, depending on the model. This ensures peace of mind and protection against any manufacturing defects.

Q.Can I use an Asus Power Supply unit for overclocking my CPU and GPU?

A.Yes, Asus Power Supply units are designed to provide stable and reliable power delivery, making them suitable for overclocking purposes. However, it's essential to ensure that the PSU has sufficient wattage and meets the power requirements of your components.

Q.Are Asus Power Supply units energy-efficient?

A.Yes, Asus Power Supply units are known for their high efficiency ratings, which translate to lower power consumption and reduced operating costs over time.

Q.What sets Asus Power Supply units apart from other brands?

A.Asus Power Supply units stand out for their exceptional build quality, advanced safety features, and reliable performance, making them a top choice for both casual users and hardcore enthusiasts.

Latest Asus Power Supply Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Product NamePrice
ASUS ROG THOR 850P 80+ Platinum Power Supply27,500৳
ASUS ROG Strix 1000G 1000W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply31,400৳
ASUS ROG Strix 850G 850W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply19,500৳