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Gigabyte Power Supply price in BD 2024

Check Gigabyte Power Supply prices in Bangladesh below. Starting from BDT 3,950৳ up to BDT 10,500৳, varieties of 7 products where 6 products are available and 7 of them are with the best discount price. This price list was updated on 19-05-2024 by Computer Village, the Best Gigabyte Power Supply shop in BD.

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Gigabyte Power Supply

Brand: Gigabyte
    • Wattage: 550W
    • Energy Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze
    • Length: 150mm
    • LED Lighting: No
Brand: Gigabyte
    • MTBF : >100,000 hours
    • Fan Type: 120mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan
    • Output Capacity: 650W
    • Efficiency: Up to 85% at typical load
Brand: Gigabyte
    • 80 PLUS Gold certified: above 90% efficiency at 50% load
    • Single +12V rail
    • Fully Modular Design
    • High quality Japanese Capacitors
Brand: Gigabyte
    • Series:Aorus
    • PSU Category:Full Modular
    • Type:ATX 12V 2.31
    • Maximum Power:750 Watt
Brand: Gigabyte
    • Efficiency (Approx.): 8‎5% at typical load
    • Certification: 80 PLUS Bronze
    • Frequency Range: 6‎0-50 Hz
    • Current: 8‎-4 A
Brand: Gigabyte
    • Form Factor: ATX
    • Wattage: 450W
    • Energy Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze
    • Length: 150mm
Brand: Gigabyte

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Best Gigabyte Power Supply 

Gigabyte is a famous computer manufacturer which has been in business for more than 30 years. They are known for their high-end products and have established themselves as one of the top brands in the market.They are looking to expand their business in Bangladesh.

Gigabyte power supplies offer robust performance and reliability for PC builders and gamers. With high-quality components and advanced design, Gigabyte PSUs deliver stable power delivery, ensuring optimal performance for your system components. Whether you're assembling a gaming rig or a workstation, Gigabyte's range of power supplies caters to various wattage needs and efficiency levels. From entry-level to high-end models, Gigabyte PSUs prioritize efficiency, reliability, and compatibility, empowering users to build systems tailored to their needs. Trust Gigabyte power supplies to provide the necessary wattage and performance for your PC build, backed by Gigabyte's reputation for quality and innovation.


When it comes to choosing a Gigabyte Power Supply, selecting the right wattage is crucial to ensure optimal performance and reliability for your PC build. Gigabyte offers a range of wattage options to accommodate various system configurations and power requirements.For entry-level systems or those with minimal power demands, Gigabyte provides power supply units (PSUs) with wattages of up to 499 watts. These PSUs are suitable for basic office computers, web browsing machines, or low-power gaming rigs.For mid-range systems with moderate power requirements, Gigabyte offers PSUs with wattages ranging from 500 to 799 watts. These PSUs can handle more demanding tasks such as gaming, content creation, or multimedia editing without breaking a sweat.For high-performance systems with extensive hardware configurations, Gigabyte provides PSUs with wattages ranging from 800 to 999 watts. These PSUs are ideal for enthusiast-level gaming rigs, workstation builds, or servers that require ample power delivery for multiple components.Regardless of your system's power needs, Gigabyte Power Supply units offer reliable performance, efficiency, and stability to ensure smooth operation under all conditions. Before selecting a PSU, it's essential to assess your system's power requirements and choose a wattage option that provides sufficient overhead for future upgrades and expansions.


Gigabyte Power Supply units come in various modular configurations to cater to different user preferences and system requirements: Full Modular, Semi-Modular, and Non-Modular.

Full Modular PSUs feature detachable cables for all connectors, including the main motherboard power cables, peripheral connectors, and PCIe cables. This design allows users to customize their cable management easily, only attaching the necessary cables for their specific system setup. Full Modular PSUs offer maximum flexibility and are ideal for enthusiasts and builders who prioritize clean and organized builds with minimal cable clutter.

Semi-Modular PSUs come with essential cables, such as the main motherboard power cables, permanently attached to the unit. However, peripheral connectors and PCIe cables are detachable, providing some degree of flexibility in cable management. Semi-Modular PSUs strike a balance between convenience and customization, making them suitable for a wide range of system configurations.

Non-Modular PSUs have all cables permanently attached to the unit, including the main motherboard power cables, peripheral connectors, and PCIe cables. While Non-Modular PSUs offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, they may result in more cluttered cable management, especially in systems with fewer components or specific space constraints.


Gigabyte Power Supply units are renowned for their high efficiency ratings, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings for your PC build. These PSUs adhere to various efficiency standards, including 80+ Titanium, 80+ Platinum, 80+ Gold, 80+ Bronze, 80+ White, and 80+ certifications.

  • 80+ Titanium PSUs represent the pinnacle of efficiency, offering the highest level of energy savings and performance. These PSUs are ideal for high-end systems and enthusiasts who demand uncompromising efficiency and reliability.
  • 80+ Platinum PSUs deliver exceptional efficiency, surpassing the standards set by 80+ Gold and 80+ Bronze certifications. These PSUs are suitable for gaming rigs, workstations, and other demanding applications that require efficient power delivery.
  • 80+ Gold PSUs provide excellent efficiency and reliability, making them a popular choice for gaming, multimedia, and productivity-focused builds. These PSUs offer a balance of performance, energy savings, and affordability.
  • 80+ Bronze PSUs offer good efficiency and value for budget-conscious builders. While not as efficient as Titanium, Platinum, or Gold-rated PSUs, Bronze-rated units still provide reliable power delivery for mainstream systems.
  • 80+ White PSUs are entry-level units that meet basic efficiency requirements. These PSUs offer a cost-effective solution for budget builds and everyday computing tasks.

Trending Gigabyte Power Supply in Bangladesh

Features of the Gigabyte master power supply

  • It features a modular design with an ultra-compact form factor and a high-speed fan for long life and noise reduction. 
  • The power supply is also equipped with three PCIe slots that support multiple graphics cards,  
  • two PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots that support multiple graphics cards, and four PCI Express 2.0 x1 slots. 
  • It can be used with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics cards, and AMD Radeon™ RX 580 graphics cards.

Best Gigabyte Power Supply Shop In Bangladesh From Computer Village

A Gigabyte power supply is a high-quality power supply that is known to be reliable and safe. Computer Village BD many computer users for years now and it is still one of the most trusted power supplies around.

Computer Village is Bangladesh's largest retail store for Desktop Ram, SSD And  Processor. When you visit any of our branches, you can receive amazing discounts on the Gigabyte Power Supply of your choosing. Additionally, our entire selection of products and services is available via the Computer Village online store.

We provide 24/7 online support services for your convenience. Here is where you can adjust the product prices. In addition, we promptly address any issues you may have with the warranty. Our aim is to satisfy customers. Following our delivery of the item, you are welcome to inspect it.


Q.Can I use a Gigabyte Power Supply for gaming?

A.Yes, Gigabyte Power Supply units are suitable for gaming PCs, offering reliable power delivery and efficiency for demanding gaming setups.

Q.What is the warranty coverage for Gigabyte Power Supply?

A.Gigabyte typically offers a standard warranty period of three to five years for their PSUs, depending on the model and series.

Q.Are Gigabyte Power Supply units modular?

A.Some Gigabyte PSUs feature a modular design, allowing users to customize their cable configurations for better cable management and airflow.

Q.Do Gigabyte PSUs support RGB lighting?

A.Some higher-end Gigabyte Power Supply models may feature RGB lighting for aesthetic customization, but most models prioritize performance and reliability over flashy aesthetics.

Q.How do I determine the wattage requirement for my PC build?

A.It's essential to calculate the total power consumption of your PC components and choose a PSU with sufficient wattage overhead to accommodate future upgrades and expansions.