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Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply

Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply
Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply
  • Price: 4,000৳
  • Regular Price: 4,280৳
  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • Product ID : 15293
  • Model: Gigabyte GP-P450B
  • Weight: 1.70kg
  • SKU: 002841
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Key Features

      • Form Factor: ATX
      • Wattage: 450W
      • Energy Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze
      • Length: 150mm
    Key Features
    Efficiency (Approx.)80 PLUS Bronze
    Lighting EffectNo
    OthersModularity: on-Modular
    Form Factor: ATX
    Wattage: 450W
    Length: 150mm
    Fanless: No
    Weight: 1.7 kg
    Manufacturing Warranty3 Years

    Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply

    The Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply is a reliable and efficient power solution for a wide range of computing needs. Designed by the reputable brand Gigabyte, this power supply ensures stable and consistent power delivery to your components. With a wattage of 450W, it suits mid-range systems with moderate hardware demands. The 80 PLUS Bronze certification highlights its commendable energy efficiency, converting a high percentage of input power into usable DC power for your system while minimizing wastage. Its compact ATX form factor, measuring 150mm in length, makes it compatible with various PC cases, including compact ones where space is a premium. Although non-modular, the power supply provides a cost-effective approach to powering your components, with all cables permanently attached. The absence of LED lighting maintains a clean aesthetic for those who prefer a minimalist look in their builds. The active cooling system, featuring a fan, ensures optimal operating temperatures during prolonged usage. Weighing just 1.7 kg, the GP-P450B is lightweight and easy to handle during installation. Backed by a 3-year warranty, Gigabyte's commitment to quality and reliability is evident. In summary, the Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply offers a balance of performance, efficiency, and affordability, making it a suitable choice for users seeking a dependable power solution for their computing systems.
    • Brand Reputation - Gigabyte: Gigabyte is a well-known and respected brand in the computer hardware industry, known for producing reliable and high-quality components.
    • Model Specification - GP-P450B: The GP-P450B is a specific model of power supply from Gigabyte, designed to provide efficient and stable power to various computer systems.
    • Non-Modular Design: The power supply features a non-modular design, meaning that all cables are permanently attached to the unit. This can result in a slightly messier cable management setup, but it's typically more cost-effective compared to modular designs.
    • ATX Form Factor: The power supply conforms to the ATX form factor, ensuring compatibility with most standard PC cases.
    • 450W Wattage: With a power output of 450 watts, this power supply is suitable for powering mid-range systems with moderate hardware configurations.
    • Energy Efficiency - 80 PLUS Bronze: The power supply boasts an 80 PLUS Bronze certification, indicating its energy efficiency. It is designed to convert a high percentage of the AC power it draws from the outlet into DC power for the components, reducing wasted energy and operating costs.
    • Compact Length - 150mm: With a length of 150mm, this power supply is relatively compact, making it suitable for smaller PC cases where space might be a concern.
    • Cooling Performance - Fan Cooling: The GP-P450B utilizes a fan for cooling purposes. This fan helps dissipate heat generated during operation, ensuring that the power supply remains within safe operating temperatures.
    • No LED Lighting: Unlike some power supplies that feature LED lighting for aesthetic purposes, the GP-P450B does not come with any built-in LED lighting. This could be preferable for users who prefer a clean and minimalist look.
    • Active Cooling - Not Fanless: The power supply uses active cooling with a fan to maintain proper operating temperatures. This is different from fanless designs, which rely solely on passive cooling mechanisms.
    • Warranty - 3 Years: Gigabyte provides a 3-year warranty for the GP-P450B power supply. This warranty period offers peace of mind in case of any manufacturing defects or issues during normal usage.
    • Lightweight - 1.7 kg: Weighing only 1.7 kilograms, the power supply is lightweight and easy to handle during installation and setup.
    • Stability and Reliability: The GP-P450B is designed to deliver stable and reliable power to your computer components, which is crucial for preventing system crashes, data loss, and hardware damage.
    Overall, the Gigabyte GP-P450B 450W 80+ Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply offers an energy-efficient, compact, and reliable power solution for mid-range computer systems, backed by Gigabyte's brand reputation and a 3-year warranty. Its non-modular design might be more suitable for those on a budget or who prefer simplicity in cable management.


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