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Access Control Price In Bangladesh

Access control is used in regulated areas such as campuses, buildings, offices, etc. It allows who can and cannot use or view specific resources. Some of these systems come with Access Control Panel, such as an alarm or a lockdown method restricting unauthorized entry or access. 

You can buy Access Control from Computer Village, whether online or offline from our outlets.

Advantages of Using Access Control

  • Better security and minimizes risk: only authorized people can enter the area, which minimizes crime and theft.

  • No unwanted visitors: no one can enter without gaining access.

  • No traditional keys: users can access the authorized area with cards, so no key is needed.

  • Easier to track: owners can easily track who enters the area as everyone has to use their cards. This helps to deal with any theft or crime that occurs and can be easily tracked. This helps to catch the criminal in a more efficient way.

  • Easy management: Access control gives you the ability to manage who enters the area easily, employees’ credentials, and security, and helps with tracking those who enter the authorized place.

Access Control Brands Available at Computer Village

  • zkteco FBL4022 Single Lane Flap Barrier Turnstile with controller and fingerprint & RFID reader

  • ZKTeco ZKABK900A Break Glass Fire Emergency Exit

  • ZKTeco 12v~2.5a Adapter for Access Control

  • ZKTeco AL-280D(LED) Electromagnetic Double Lock

  • ZKTeco AL-180D Electromagnetic Double Lock

  • ZKTeco FB4222 Flap Barrier Turnstile for additional Lane with controller and fingerprint & RFID reader

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Access Control price List in BD 2023

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