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Offline UPS Price in Bangladesh

An offline UPS or VFP, or Standby UPS, is used for power protection. That includes protection from utility-supplied power problems like power outages, fluctuations, spikes, brownouts, etc. It is done by a built-in EMI/ RFI filter which protects the equipment by clamping peak voltage back to pre-defined levels. It is called an offline UPS because its inverter stays off during functioning as standard. Offline UPS is used to protect equipment less than 1kvA. That is why Offline UPS is mostly used for a single computer to back up during power loss. Offline UPS is the best choice if you are okay with limited power backup. You can buy offline UPS offline or online from Computer Village.

Advantages of Using Offline UPS

  • Offline UPS offers higher efficiency. That is because its charger is not always turned on.
  • The charger’s power handling capacity is lowered.
  • Offline UPS is cheaper than Online UPS.
  • Offline UPS has a more straightforward internal control than Online UPS.
  • An Offline UPS is small in size and easy to carry around.

Offline UPS Brands Offered at Computer Village

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Offline UPS price List in BD 2023

Offline UPS List Price in BD