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DJI Camera Gimbal price in BD 2024

DJI Camera Gimbal price in bd 2024 at Computer Village are budget-friendly. We know that the price of DJI Camera Gimbal in Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand and specifications. At Computer Village, we offer a variety of 7 items to choose from. Our range starts at BDT 14,500৳ and can go up to BDT 26,500৳. With such a wide price range, there's something for every budget.

Brand: DJI
    • Connections : Bluetooth 5.0; 
    • Working Current: Static current: 0.2 A
    • Working Frequency: 2.400 GHz to 2.4835 GHz
    • Tested Payload: ≤ 2.0 kg
Brand: DJI
    • Type: Pouch Cell
    • Capacity: 1000 mAh
    • Energy: 7.74Wh
    • Voltage: 6-8.8 V
Brand: DJI

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Brand: DJI

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Brand: DJI

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Brand: DJI

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Brand: DJI
    • Gimbal For: Smartphone
    • Grip Design: Single Handgrip
    • Load Capacity: 0.17kg-0.29kg
    • Maximum Load: 0.29kg

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Shop Now DJI Camera Gimbal online at best price in Bangladesh at computer village

DJI Camera Gimbal is a great way to capture amazing video footage while flying your drone. It is a three-axis gimbal that stabilizes your camera and keeps it level, no matter how you fly your drone. This ensures that your video footage is always smooth and steady.

Why choose the DJI Camera Gimbal?

There are many reasons why a DJI camera gimbal is the best choice for your drone. Some of them include the following:

  • The DJI gimbal is easier to use and more reliable than other options. 

  • It also has a long battery life, which can last up to four hours with a single charge.

  • The DJI camera gimbal is made of high-quality materials that are light and durable. 

  • It also comes with a two-year warranty.

  • The DJI gimbal has excellent stabilization features that help keep your shots steady and smooth. 

Is DJI Camera Gimbal Good Choice?

The DJI Camera Gimbal is a device that helps to stabilize the camera during filming. It can be used by professional and amateur filmmakers alike. The DJI Camera Gimbal is compatible with most of the cameras on the market, including but not limited to GoPro, DSLR, and cell phone cameras.

Best Place to Find the DJI Camera Gimbal

The Computer Village is a popular store in Bangladesh, selling computer parts and accessories at affordable prices. It also has an online store where you can buy DJI products like the gimbal from them.