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Electric Cash Register Price in Bangladesh

Electronic cash registers help businesses in many ways, including keeping track of what customers buy and making the checkout process faster. Most models are easy to use, but they also keep accurate records. Electronic cash registers contain small display panels and counter buttons to add dollar amounts to find totals, assign sales to other departments, and calculate change.

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Advantages of Using Electric Cash Register

Authenticity: Electronic cash registers are accurate. The internal computer system keeps track of every transaction, so at the end of the day, management can compare the number of sales to the amount of cash on hand to look for any discrepancies. Electronic cash registers help salespeople figure out how much to charge customers and how much money to give them back in change.

Confidentiality: Electronic cash registers are a safety measure for stores. They are often big enough to prevent theft. It comes with cash drawers that you can lock with a password that only authorized users can use. Electronic registers do cash transactions locally, so no private information about customers is sent over the Internet or electronically.

Electric Cash Register Brands Offered at Computer Village


Yumite 4042 Cash Drawer

Yumite A-350 Cash Drawer

Rongta RT-335 Mini Cash Drawer


Rongta RT420F POS Cash Drawer

Rongta RT410B2 Cash Drawer


PASWA D81BF Electric Cash Register

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Electric Cash Register price List in BD 2023

Electric Cash Register List Price in BD