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Offer Prices on Optical Network Units (ONU) in Bangladesh

The optical network unit, also referred to as ONU, is the optical terminal device in the fiber access network. 

This provides users with numerous service interfaces, with the network side of the ONU being the optical interface and the user side being the electrical interface. Simply put, ONU converts optical signals to electrical signals and vice versa. It is also able to convert D/A and A/D voice signals, reuse and process signals, and aid in maintenance management.

Computer Village offers optical network devices from a variety of reputable and high-quality vendors from across the world. Because of frequent stock updates, you may easily request and order your chosen low-cost and high-end products.

Why Buy Optical Network Unit (ONU)

  • Optical transport networks enable increased transmission capacity and full utilization of optical fiber's huge bandwidth potential
  • They execute multiplexing and demultiplexing functions based on light wavelengths
  • Optical transport systems can be deployed in a variety of topology schemes, including P2P, Linear Chain, Ring, and others
  • Increase network investment and utilization of dark fiber
  • It is easily expandable because a single fiber can be divided into numerous channels
  • Optical transport systems can convey significant amounts of capacity across long distances beyond 120 kilometers and up to thousands of kilometers

Available Optical Network Unit Models at Computer Village

Tenda G103 Broadband CPE Gigabit GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONU) and many more to choose from!

Purchase Authentic Optical Network Units with Discounts in Bangladesh 

If you've been wanting to purchase an optical network unit for your business or personal use, please contact us at the numbers mentioned online to stay up to date on new technologies and take advantage of great savings. If you require model support, please contact us!

You can either purchase directly from our website or come to one of our physical stores in Dhaka or Chittagong for a personal evaluation before ordering.

ONU price List in BD 2023

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