Buy Latest Official HP pavilion gaming laptop at the best price in Bangladesh 2022

Hp is one of a few popular laptop brands people consider in the first place when people want to buy a laptop. Hp's great product quality and cutting edge technology makes them one of the best in the market. This renowned brand was established in 1939 in California, US. Since its inauguration, HP has been producing premium quality devices and now HP is widely known for their premium quality Notebook PCs and laptops.

HP pavilion gaming laptop at Computer Village

If you are a gaming lover and want a premium quality laptop along with a dedicated graphics card, Hp pavilion gaming series are dedicated for gamers like you. HP has a huge number of HP pavilion gaming laptop series. Computer Village is one of the largest computer, laptop and accessories retailers in Bangladesh and you will find the latest HP pavilion gaming laptops from us.

HP pavilion gaming laptop variants

  • HP Pavilion Gaming 16 series

Available processor variants

  • Intel processor: Core i5 10th Gen, Core i7 10th Gen

Dedicated graphics

  • GTX 1650Ti 4GB

  • GTX 1660Ti 6GB


  • 16.1 Inch FHD display

HP pavilion gaming laptops come with different configurations, and price ranges. We offer HP pavilion gaming laptops at the best price in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a trusted source for buying a Hp pavilion gaming series laptop, Visit our website or you can visit our outlet to grab your favorite HP pavilion gaming laptop.

For whom HP pavilion gaming laptop is the best

HP pavilion gaming laptops are dedicated for gaming lovers. But, HP pavilion gaming laptops are now not only used for gaming, but also used for graphical work, content creation, engineering work and many more.

List of some HP pavilion gaming laptops and HP pavilion gaming laptop price in bd 2023

HP pavilion gaming name and Model

Price in BD

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