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Power Strip Price in Bangladesh

Power strips are an essential component of a busy home or office space when there are more electronic devices than there are walls. They are also great if you want to save money on your electricity bill.

Power strips give you the ability to have more outlets than your home offers with one single device. A power strip works when it is plugged into an outlet, and then you can connect other devices with the power strip’s outlets. That allows for one outlet to support many other electrical devices.

But everything cannot be plugged into a power strip. You should not plug:

  • Washing machines.

  • Dryers.

  • Refrigerators.

  • Portable air conditioners.

  • Microwave ovens.

  • Toasters.

  • Coffee makers.

  • Blenders.

  • Rice cookers.

  • Hair dryers or other styling equipment.

Uses of Power Strip In Our Life

  • You can install multiple plug-in devices at a time so you can work in a single place.

  • You can help conserve energy as many power strips come with an off/on button.

  • Smart power strips detect which device is not being used anymore to turn off power automatically and save energy.

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Power Strip Brands Available at Computer Village

We have a great range of brands to choose from here at Computer Village.


  • Nano Was-505 Intelligent 5 Port Power Strip

  • Deli C18339(03) 6 Port Strip with Surge Household Power Protection

  • Huntkey 2 Pin 4 Port Black Power Strip

  • Hunkey 2 Pin 6 Port White Power Strip


  • REMAX RU-S4 Aliens 6 Ports 5 USB Black Charger

  • Belkin Power Stripe 3 Port 1.5 M Gray Economy Series

  • Xiaomi Mi XMCXB01QM 3 Socket 3 USB Power Strip White

  • Belkin F8Z274BT Rockstar 5-way Headset Splitter

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Power Strip price List in BD 2023

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