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Do you want the Classic, cost-effective, medium- to large-scale sound system with an intelligent controller for the public address system? Buy CMX PA System. This one is an ideal controller for a PA sound system in a school, shopping mall, hotel, bright office, etc. All-in-one intelligent CMX PA system controller with built-in weekly timer, 10 zone speaker selector, MP3 player, remote 10 zone paging controller, fire alarm and voice evacuation system interface, and programmable power sequencer.

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Why is CMX PA Systems a Good Purchase?

  • Timely broadcasts of 99 programs are possible.

  • Signals might be sent randomly, repeatedly, or in a circle.

  • Each zone can withstand 5000W.

  • The system can reach 1 kilometer.

  • Memory will work without power.

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CMX PA System price List in BD 2023

CMX PA System List Price in BD