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Buy Dell Desktop Computers in Bangladesh at best price

Dell is one of the most famous computer brands around the globe. In Bangladesh, Dell computers are also very popular. Dell is a multinational Company that specializes in manufacturing desktop PCs and laptops. Dell was established in 1984 in Round Rock, Texas, US and it was established by Michael Dell.

Dell computers always remain on the top of the best computer list due to the computer's smooth performance and robust build quality.

Buy Dell brand PC from Computer Village

Dell manufactures a huge variety of pre-built Desktop PCs and we have most of the varieties of them. Dell Desktop PCs come in various configurations and features.

Types of Dell brand PCs

  • Full sized Desktop PC

  • Compact Desktop PC

  • Gaming desktop PC

  • All-in-one PC

Available Dell brand PC models

  • Dell OptiPlex

  • Dell Vostro

Available processor variants

  • Intel Core i3

  • Intel Core i5

  • Intel Core i7

Other Specs details

  • Dell brand PCs support various types of monitors of various manufacturers like HP, ASUS, ASrock Dell, Gigabyte, and many more.

  • These PCs come with display ports, VGA and HDMI ports. Some gaming PCs come with USB type C ports as well.

  • Intel Motherboards are usually used for Dell brand PCs. But, motherboards from Dell, ASUS, and MSI brands are also used.

  • These PCs support DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 RAMs.

  • Both HDD and SSD storage variants are also available.

Computer Village is one of the biggest computer, laptop, and computer component retailers in Bangladesh. Want to buy a Dell brand PC at the cheapest price? Visit our Computer Village outlet or visit our website, and buy your desired Dell Brand PC at the best price in Bangladesh.

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Other desktop pc brands

HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo

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Dell Brand PC price List in BD 2023

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