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Pen Drive Price in Bangladesh

A USB drive or a pen drive is used by most to store data. It is a permanent storage device that can be connected to the computer/ laptop through a USB or a Firewire port. Almost any type of file- such as videos, documents, movies, etc., can be transported through pen drives. Or be stored in the pen drive/ USB drive. They are easily accessible as they are widely used by almost everyone. A pen drive’s capacity can range from 2 GB to 128 GB and is portable due to its size.

Advantages of Using Pen Drives

  • Pen drives are compatible with both PC and Mac.
  • They are durable.
  • They are convenient.
  • They offer more storage than a CD or flash drive.
  • They are reusable, unlike other types of data storage drives.
  • They are affordable and very cheap.
  • They are fast.

Pen Drive Brands Available in Computer Village

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