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Afox Motherboard price in BD 2024

Check Afox Motherboard prices in Bangladesh below. Starting from BDT 5,000৳ up to BDT 10,960৳, varieties of 8 products where 8 products are available and 1 of them is with the best discount price. This price list was updated on 18-04-2024 by Computer Village, the Best Afox Motherboard shop in BD.

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Afox Motherboard

Brand: Afox
    • Chipset: Intel H310
    • Memory Type: DDR4
    • Storage Interface: 6.0Gb/s
    • Graphics: Integrated
Brand: Afox
  • Socket: INTEL Socket 1700
  • Chipset: Intel® H610
  • Memory: DDR4
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics
Brand: Afox
  • Intel® Socket 1155
  • Integrated Intel® GMA X4500 graphics
  • Dual channel DDR3
  • Memory up to 16GB
Brand: Afox
  • 2 x SATA3, 2 x SATA2
  • 1 x M.2 (PCIe NVMe Gen3 x4 )
  • 1 x VGA port
  • 1 x HDMI port
Brand: Afox
  • AMD Socket AM4
  • AMD Ryzen series CPU
  • 2 x Memory Slots
  • 1 x HDMI Port
Brand: Afox
  • Chipset: Intel® H110
  • Dual Channel DDR4 2133 / 2400 / 2666MHz
  • Supported Storage: 4 X SATA3
  • Form Factor: Micro-ATX (17*19cm)
Brand: Afox
    • Chipset - Intel H510
    • Memory Max. - 64GB
    • Memory Slot - 2
    • Sockets Supported - LGA1200
Brand: Afox
    • Chipset - AMD B550
    • Memory Max. - 128GB
    • Memory Slot - 4
    • Sockets Supported - AM4
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Best Afox Motherboard

Afox motherboards offer reliability and performance, ideal for both casual users and gamers alike. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Afox ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of components. From sleek designs to robust construction, Afox motherboards deliver stability and efficiency, enhancing your computing experience. Whether you're building a budget-friendly PC or a high-end gaming rig, Afox has you covered with a diverse range of options. Experience smooth multitasking, lightning-fast speeds, and exceptional graphics support with Afox motherboards, the perfect choice for your next build or upgrade.

RAM Type

When it comes to selecting the right RAM for your Afox motherboard, understanding the different types available is essential. Afox motherboards support a variety of RAM types, including DDR3, DDR4, and the latest DDR5.DDR3 RAM, although older, still offers decent performance for everyday computing tasks and is often more budget-friendly. DDR4 RAM, on the other hand, provides faster speeds and improved efficiency, making it ideal for gaming and multitasking.For those seeking cutting-edge performance, Afox motherboards also support DDR5 RAM, which offers even higher speeds and bandwidth, ensuring smoother performance for demanding applications and gaming experiences.With Afox motherboards, you have the flexibility to choose the RAM type that best suits your needs and budget, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility for your system.

CPU Sockets

Afox motherboards offer compatibility with a wide range of CPU sockets, ensuring flexibility and versatility for users. Whether you're building a budget-friendly system or a high-performance gaming rig, Afox has you covered with various CPU socket options, including LGA 755, LGA 775, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA 1200, LGA 1700, LGA2011-3, and LGA2066.

Each CPU socket is designed to support specific processor generations and configurations, providing users with the ability to choose the right combination of CPU and motherboard for their needs. With Afox motherboards, you can build a reliable and powerful system tailored to your requirements, ensuring smooth performance and compatibility with your chosen CPU socket.

Form Factors

Afox motherboards come in various form factors to suit different build requirements and preferences. Whether you're looking for a compact and space-saving option or a motherboard with ample expansion capabilities, Afox has you covered. Choose from form factors such as ATX, Extended ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX to build your ideal system.ATX motherboards offer standard sizing and plenty of room for expansion slots and components, making them suitable for gaming and workstation setups. Extended ATX provides even more expansion options, ideal for enthusiasts and professionals who require multiple GPUs or storage devices.For smaller builds, Micro ATX and Mini ITX offer compact sizes while still providing essential features and connectivity options. Micro ATX strikes a balance between size and functionality, while Mini ITX is the smallest form factor, perfect for compact and portable systems.

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Best Afox Motherboard Shop In Bangladesh From Computer Village

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Q.How do I update BIOS on my Afox motherboard?

A.Updating the BIOS on your Afox motherboard is a straightforward process. Simply download the latest BIOS firmware from the Afox website, then follow the instructions provided in the motherboard manual or on the website to complete the update.

Q.Is Afox compatible with AMD and Intel processors?

A.Yes, Afox motherboards are compatible with both AMD and Intel processors, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of CPU options.

Q.Can I overclock my CPU with an Afox motherboard?

A.Yes, many Afox motherboards support overclocking, allowing users to increase the performance of their CPU for enhanced gaming and multitasking capabilities.

Q.What warranty does Afox offer on their motherboards?

A.Afox typically offers a standard warranty period on their motherboards, which may vary depending on the model and region. It's advisable to check the warranty