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Explore Projectors Online at a Great Deal in Bangladesh

Projectors have a wide range of functionalities and excellent performance. A powerful projector can bring out the finest in everything, from changing colors to match images to controlling blurry photos. It is essential to choose a good one. Explore our exclusive collection of projectors at our online site Computer Village to find what you need. You can purchase reasonably from our shop only in Bangladesh, so grab yours before the stock runs out.

Advantages of Using Projectors

Enjoy Home Theatre: If you cannot go out to see a movie with friends or family, a projector may bring the cinema or big-screen experience to your home. Witnessing big vistas not only inspires awe, but it's also about the details.

Eye Protection: It will not harm your eyes. Contrary to popular belief, projector visuals do not cause eye strain. They are usually not strong or bright enough to hurt your retinas or sense of sight.

Mobility and connectivity: You can take it friend's house or move it to any room in the house. You can even take a projector camping, vacationing, or on an outdoor adventure with you.

Projector Brands Offered at Computer Village


Hitachi Projector CP-ED27 ANSI 2700 Lumens Projector

Epson EH-TW650 (3100 Lumens) Full HD 1080p Projector


Vesta PH8000 Digital Visual Presenter

Benq MS550 (3600 Lumens) Multimedia Projector

Maxell MC-EX303E (3300 Lumens) 3LCD Projector



BenQ short throw MW809STH

ViewSonic M2e 1000 Lumens Mini Projector

ViewSonic PG603X Business DLP Projector and many more!

Shop Authentic Projectors in Bangladesh 

It can be hard to find authentic electronic products in the market. You can purchase 100% genuine products at a very reasonable price at Computer Village. Check out our website today and place your next order before the stock runs out. You can order online or visit our shops in Dhaka and Chittagong. Need any help? Feel free to contact us on our helpline.

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