TEV PA Systems, Microphones, Speakers at the Best Price in Bangladesh!

TEV is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of portable PA systems, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and accessories. TEV is renowned mainly as a popular PA system brand in Bangladesh! Their reliability in providing quality products to meet customer needs has made them one of the prominent PA system suppliers in Bangladesh. 

TEV PA systems allow you to speak to a wider audience without the need for complex speaker setups. Be it a live music performance or public speaking, our TEV PA systems and microphones perform well. We have carefully chosen some of the bests TEV products, and we provide them at the best price in Bangladesh. 

Available TEV Accessories at Our Shops:

  • Speaker: TEV TCS-610 10W Ceiling, TEV TCS-3510 15W Column, TEV TCS-3520 30W Column

  • Portable PA System: TEV TA-780 280W, TEV TA-680 200W, TEV TA-300 60W, TEV TA-220 50W, TEV TA120 35W

  • Wired Microphone: TEV TM700 Handheld, TEV TOP-II Handheld, TEV PRO-II Handheld

  • Wireless Microphone: TEV TR8100TD 2 Tie, TEV TR-8100TD 1H+1Tie, TEV TR-8100TD 2 Handheld.

  • Amplifier: TEV TPA-6120U PA 120W, TEV TPA-6060U PA 60W

  • Waistband Transmitter: TEV TB-700II

Find the best TEV sound accessories at Computer Village at the best price in Bangladesh. We make sure that you get quality products. Place your order on our website and get your desired TEV product quickly! 

Don’t forget to contact our customer support for any queries about our products. We are always working to provide you with the best possible user experience!