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CC Camera Price In Bangladesh

CC (closed-circuit television) cameras are helpful for security measures. You can easily find them to keep track of everything in business and office areas. CC cameras are also cheap and easily accessible no matter where you live. Shop CC cameras now from Computer Village. 

CC  cameras transmit what they broadcast to certain monitors (hence the “closed-circuit”). 

The camera or cameras record the images in a specific area, then transmit through cables or digitally. CC cameras (depending on the type) can also record both images and audio. This footage can be seen by authorized people through the monitor(s). 

Uses of CC Cameras

To Prevent Crimes/ Catch Criminal Activity

Having CC cameras can help catch criminals as their deeds are being recorded. The footage recorded by CC cameras can help law enforcement to catch the criminals or be provided as evidence. On the other hand, having CC cameras can also help to prevent crimes as the criminals know the area is under surveillance.

Monitoring streets

CC cameras can record footage of accidents or suspicious activities on the streets and roads.

Home Security

Having CC cameras installed outside or in certain areas of your home can prevent burglars from invading and ruining the peace of your home.

CC Camera Brands Available at Computer Village

  • Uniview TR-WE45-A-IN PTZ Dome Wall Mount
  • Uniview TR-WE45-IN PTZ Dome Wall Mount
  • Dahua SD49225T-HN 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera
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CC Camera

Brand: Hikvision
  • Water and dust resistant: IP67
  • 2 MP, 1920 — 1080p Resolution
  • 3.6 mm Fixed Camera Lens
  • EXIR 2.0 Smart IR, up to 20 M
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CC Camera price List in BD 2023

CC Camera List Price in BD