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Presentations will now be more engaging and fun with the Vesta Digital Visual Projectors. This Visual Presenter Unit has enticing features and an integrated lighting system. It can work with video projectors or display panels with a more vivid appearance and portability. Short-Throw Wall Mount for Projectors Holds projectors from Vesta can turn 360 degrees and tilt 15 degrees to get the best view. Buy your Vesta projector today from our online site at a great deal!

Why is Vesta Projector a Good Purchase?

  • The universal projector adaptor is compatible with most data projectors.

  • Easy to carry anywhere

  • HDMI cable management

  • Vesta PH-800 Digital Visual Presenter improves presentations. This VPU has illumination.

  • The device works with any video projector or display panel for high-quality images and messages.

  • Vesta projectors are portable and dynamic.

  • Two projector screens can display a negative/positive mirror image. 

  • 350° horizontal and vertical camera rotation creates a broader image.

Best Place to Buy Vesta Projector

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