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View Sonic has something ready for you, whether you need a projector for interactive projection in the classroom or conference. ViewSonic 4K home theater projectors deliver beautiful Ultra HD resolution. The quality is excellent cinematic color, and light source life has the latest generation LED and laser projectors. It can last up to 30,000 hours. These projectors are well built and portable. View Sonic has a range of ultra-portable models, which comes in an affordable price range. This projector can be a great help to your daily life hustle.

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What makes View Sonic Projector So Good?

  • LED and laser projectors have 30,000+ hours of light source life. 

  • Ultraportable, high-brightness projectors are among our solid-state alternatives.

  •  View Sonic projection solutions shimmer in any environment.

  • ViewSonic bright projectors combine 4K resolution with innovative streaming features. 

  • Smart Wi-Fi lets you stream from your preferred providers, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allow voice control.

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