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PA System Price in Bangladesh

The electronic sound distribution and amplification system (PA system) contain a microphone, an amplifier, and loudspeakers in a single device. Massive, noisy places like airports and train stations are ideal places to use this device to communicate with a large number of people. A public address system boosts the sound of a person's voice. It comes with a loudspeaker, a mixer, and a microphone, and it can be set up or taken with you.

You can look into Computer Village for various world-famous brands to buy PA systems offline and online in Bangladesh. 

Advantages of Using PA System

Noise Cancellation: The crowd can hear a PA system no matter where you are- inside or outside.

Draw Attention: Even if your audience is not paying attention at first, they will once your voice comes through the speakers.

Easy Setup: It is easy to set up, and anyone can learn how to use it well in a short amount of time.

PA System Brands Offered at Computer Village


  • TEV TA-220 Portable Speaker-Microphone Set

  • BXB EDC 2012 Table-top Delegate Unit Conference System

  • HTDZ HT-350c Function Index for Chairman Unit



  • TEV TA-300 6.5 Portable PA System

  • HTDZ HT-7000 Main Amplifier Unit Conference System

  • BXB EDC 2051 Main Control Unit Digital Conference System




  • CMX UHF-300MC Wireless Conference System Master Controller

  • TEV TA-780 10-inch 280W Portable PA System (Handheld, Lavaliere, Headset)

  • TEV TA680 8inch Portable PA (Public Address) System (200W) and many more!

Shop Authentic PA System in Bangladesh 

It can be hard to find authentic electronic products in the market. You can purchase genuine PA Systems at a very reasonable price at Computer Village. Check our website today and place your next order before the stock runs out. You can order online or visit our shops in Dhaka and Chittagong. Need any help? Feel free to contact us on our helpline.

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PA System price List in BD 2023

PA System List Price in BD