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Latest Network cable price in Computer village

Network cables allow the users to establish a firm local network on a number of devices. This enables you to secure a stable internet connection via a WiFi router or a modem. 

To buy network cables, both offline and online in Bangladesh, you can look into Computer Village for various world-famous brands. 

Advantages of Using Network Cables

  • Easy to install: Just plug in your network cables to the ethernet ports in your PC or other devices to form a secured connection with no prior knowledge of network administration

  • Faster Speed: Contrary to popular belief, network cables allow the establishment of a local network that helps in transferring large files in a matter of minutes with zero disruptions

  • Affordability: Unlike other cables such as the coax or fiber ones, these ethernet network cables are both readily available and offered at decent price ranges. 

Network Cable Brands Offered at Computer Village

Budget Friendly 

D-Link Ncb-C6uredr1-1 Network Cable

Micronet Cat-6 1 Meter, Network Cable

Micronet Cat-6 3 Meter, Network Cable


D-Link DCC-WHI-90 CCTV Cable

D-Link DCC-WHI-180-3 CCTV Cable


D-Link Cat-6 NCB-C6UORGR-305/INX Cable

D-Link CAT6 UTP 23AWG LAN Cable 305m

D-link NCB-C6UGRYR-305 CAT6 UTP Solid Cable and many more!

Shop Authentic Network Cables in Bangladesh 

Visit our website or one of our locations in Dhaka or Chittagong to see some incredible network cables from D-link, Micronet, and other well-known manufacturers. Simply dial our website's numbers for assistance in picking them, and we will be happy to assist you with 100% genuine products!

Network Cable price List in BD 2023

Network Cable List Price in BD