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Get Prolink Routers at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Prolink was established in 1991 in Singapore. Prolink started its journey as a networking product manufacturer but later Prolink started to manufacture other electronic accessories as well.

The goal of Prolink is to provide easy and uninterrupted plug-and-play networking solutions for everyone and everyday necessities in a simple way. Prolink is a well known and one of the best networking products manufacturer in the world.

Get Your Prolink Routers from Computer Village

Prolink produces various types of routers for various price ranges. Prolink routers include (add some product category). At Computer Village, you will get the prolink routers at the best possible price.

Computer Village is one of the largest networking products and accessories retailers in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a trusted source to get your Prolink router, Visit our outlet or browse our website and get your desired Prolink router.

Prolink's Other Products

Other than the routers, Prolink manufactures a wide range of networking products and electronic accessories. Prolink's other products include extender, adapter, IP camera, mobile wifi, wireless controller, cable, wireless AP, switches, security solution, UPS, solar, power inverter & AVR, mouse, keyboard, power bank, charger, usb cable, headset, speaker, presenter and many more.

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Prolink Router price List in BD 2023

Prolink Router List Price in BD