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Apple is the most popular laptop and smartphone brand in the world. Apple has been holding the highest position by their advanced security system of devices, fastest processors, robust product build quality and simplistic design. 

Apple is a technology multinational Company which was founded in 1976 in the US. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne are the founders of Apple inc. Apple designs, manufactures and sells premium devices like iPhone, MacBook laptops, mini PCs, AIO PCs, and iPads. Apple devices are equipped with maximum security, which gives you secured usage and smooth using experience.

Apple iMac AIO computer at Computer Village

To many people Apple iMac is very popular due to its screen size, screen resolution, all in one package and smooth usage. Computer Village has brought this amazing world class AIO Apple iMac computer for you.

Available specs variants of Apple iMac

  • Processor: M1 8 Core CPU, Core i5 10th Gen
  • Display: 24 Inch 4K Retina, 27 Inch 5K Retina, 24 Inch 4.5K Retina
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics card: 7 Core GPU, Radeon Pro 5300 4GB Graphics

Computer Village offers the best price for the Apple iMac computer. Visit our Computer Village showroom or visit our website and get the latest Apple iMac computer at a competitive price.

For whom Apple iMac AIO computer is the best

Apple iMac is a high budget premium AIO computer. This series of computers are built with powerful M1 chip and Intel processors. It also comes with dedicated graphics cards, SSDs and a high amount of RAM. It is best for high end graphics, and content creation. 

Other laptop series of Apple

Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook air, Apple MacBook pro, Apple Mac mini.

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iMac Apple price List in BD 2023

iMac Apple List Price in BD