I-Life Zed Air H3 Pentium Quad Core 15.6 Inch FHD Laptop
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I-Life Zed Air CX3 Core i3 15.6 Inch Laptop with Free DOS
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I-Life Zed Air CX3 Core i3 5th Gen 15.6 Inch Full HD Laptop
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I-Life Zed Air Plus Celeron Dual Core 15.6 Inch Full HD Laptop
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I-LIFE Digital is one of the fastest-growing PC and laptop manufacturers in the world. I-LIFE Digital has expanded its business to over 43 countries.

ILIFE is an American company which focuses on technology-based hardware, software and services. It also focuses on research and design to bring advanced technology to simplify human life.

i-Life Zed all-in-one computer at Computer Village

i-Life Zed produces all-in-one PCs apart from the laptops. We are an authorized retailer of i-Life Zed and you will get i-Life Zed all-in-one PCs at the cheapest price from us in Bangladesh. At Computer Village we have a huge quantity of the latest i-Life Zed AIO PCs.

i-Life Zed all-in-one computer serieses

Processor variants

i-Life Zed all-in-one PC is a fabulous creation of i-life to do the various jobs with this single device. This all-in-one PC is a great multitasking computing device. We are one of the largest computer, components and accessories retailers in Bangladesh. Computer Village always offers the best pricing deals for i-Life Zed all-in-one PCs.

Come to our Computer Village showroom or visit our Computer Village website and purchase i-Life Zed AIO PC at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

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