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A TV card is a device that allows you to watch television on your computer. You can use a TV card to watch digital or analog television, as well as to record TV programs on your computer's hard drive. It usually plugs into your computer's PCI slot and has a TV tuner, antenna, and remote control. Let's know more about the TV Card below.

How Does TV Card Work?

TV cards work by decoding the signals that are broadcast over the airwaves. The TV tuner part of the card picks up these signals and converts them into a form your computer can understand. The antenna part of the card is responsible for receiving the TV signals. The remote control lets you control the TV functions from your computer keyboard or mouse.

The software with the TV card lets you record TV shows to your hard drive, pause and rewind live TV, and watch shows in full-screen mode. It also typically provides a programming guide that lets you know what's on TV so you can easily find something to watch.

Advantages of Using a TV Card

There are several advantages to using a TV card.

  1. It lets you watch TV on your computer, which can be more convenient than watching TV on a traditional television set.

  2. It lets you record TV shows on your hard drive to watch them later.

  3. It gives you the ability to pause and rewind live TV.

Available Brands

  1. Netgear

  2. TP-Link

  3. Huwaei

  4. Netis

  5. Xiaomi

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