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Get a Beautiful Plug & Play Wireless Speed Data Presenter at the Lowest Price in Bangladesh! 

Presenting a work, plan or assignment with a laser presenter is a popular activity in academic and corporate world in Bangladesh for a long time. If you need a quality laser presenter, you can take a Speed Data presenter from Computer Village.

If you create slides for presentations regularly, then you will love to use our beautiful plug & play Speed data presenters! Speed data presenters are wireless presentation clickers that can make your presentation jo too easy and effective. 

Using the controls on wireless Speed Data presenters, you can move forward and backward through slides and pages, websites, and pdf files. They work from up to 15 meters of distance, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to move away from the screen to engage with your audience. 

Available Speed Data Presenters in Our Stock Now:

  • Speed Data PP-810 Laser Pointer Wireless Presenter

Speed Data PP-810 Presenter Features:

  • Supported on Windows XP, Linux, Vista, 7, and the latest Windows OS versions
  • Can be used remotely with a computer via USB
  • Maximum reach: 15 meters and more
  • Designed for easy USB plug and play

You can get a Speed Data presenter at the best prices in Bangladesh from Computer Village stores. We offer quality products and the most reliable customer support!

Order a Speed Data presenter in just a few clicks! Let us know if you need anything else.

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Speed Data Presenter price List in BD 2023

Speed Data Presenter List Price in BD