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Various Smart-Looking Wireless Micropack Presenters at the Best Prices in Bangladesh! 

Giving a presentation is a very crucial task in both corporate and educational events. To make that task easier, we have various smart-looking wireless Micropack presenters at the best prices in Bangladesh!

A Micropack presenter can benefit you in many ways. You can control the presentation wirelessly with this small device inside your palm. You don't have to use a mouse every time you want to move the slide. Use red laser light to point out something in the presentation slide. Start presenting by just plugging in the USB easily. 

Updated devices like Mircopack WPM-08 work as an air mouse allowing you to control the cursor using motion-sensing technology and do not require a desk. You can control the cursor by waving the mouse in the air. Scroll up or down on a webpage, pdf file, or doc file effortlessly. 

Micropack Presenters in Our Stores Now:

  • Micropack WPM-08 Black Air Mouse Wireless Red laser Presenter

  • Micropack WPM-03 Black Pocket Wireless Presenter

  • Micropack WPM-06 Black Pocket Wireless Presenter 

We offer the best prices for Micropack presenters in Bangladesh at Computer Village. All our Micropack presenters include a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers. Place an order on our website from anywhere in Bangladesh. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for any queries regarding our Micropack presenters. We will be very pleased to hear from you!

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Micropack Presenter price List in BD 2023

Micropack Presenter List Price in BD